Malcolm Hobson has worked in the exploration industry since joining Seismograph Service Ltd in 1973 with overseas tours in Libya, Australia and the Sultanate of Oman. He moved to Phoenix “I” programming for two years before joining Digicon Singapore in early 1982. Initially employed as Land Data Processing Supervisor he was promoted to Land Manager and made Area Geophysicist responsible for the Far East in 1986. Joining Cogniseis Singapore in 1992 gave him the opportunity to experience the fully interactive FOCUS data processing environment. Returning from the Far East in 1994 he was contracted by Cogniseis to work in Cairn Energy’s Dublin Street office processing the 1994 Sangu 2-D marine surveys acquired by Digicon and Racal. When the project completed he purchased some of the processing equipment, leased a Focus software package and formed Choice Geophysical Services Limited.