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Choice Geophysical Services Limited provides high-value low-cost 2-D and 3-D seismic data processing services.

Seismic data processing services are available worldwide from a base in Haddington, east of Edinburgh, Scotland. We provide 2-D and 3-D time and 2-D depth seismic data processing services to the exploration industry. We employ highly flexible Linux workstations utilizing the 2-D and 3-D FOCUS/ECHOS and GeoDepth seismic data processing software packages. These fully integrated imaging products are supported by Paradigm Geophysical and will increase the value of your next seismic exploration project.
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 Welcome to our website.
The company is built on over thirty-five years of world-wide experience in seismic data processing techniques.
We are working for the exploration industry providing a flexible individual service whilst maintaining a professional adherence to good geophysical processing practice. The successful completion of several major projects will give you confidence that seismic data from your next exploration survey will be in safe hands.
We are also experienced in 3-D survey merging and 3D rotation projects.
We promote the use of technically advanced work-flows to help solve your geophysical problems and integrate client based information into our processing projects.
Recently our field processing service has generated rapid turnaround high quality fast-track products for initial client interpretation and survey design.
Projects Completed
Company Background and Publications
During the down-turn add value to existing datasets by reprocessing existing field or stack data, Post stack processing is cost effective and can quickly add value to your project by enhancing the data's signal content.

January 2019: Complex 300Km 3-D land survey acquired with dynamite and vibroseis sources from onshore Morocco completed.
We hope the client continues with their excellent drilling success.